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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 10, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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san diego and have a large premiere in san diego. sean: that's terrific. i have it on my website if you can't remember theirs, that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thanks for being pacific, 3:00 eastern. i will see you back on the live desk 1:00 p.m. eastern. bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> i am both surprised and deeply humbled by the decision of the nobel committee. bill: president obama humbled he is getting the nobel peace prize but why is he getting it? chris wallace, marc lamont hill, and laura ingraham will weigh in. bill: you don't have to turn to it, you present it. >> will you listen to me and stop shouting at me. bill: i'm not shouting that's the way i usually talk. >> i know it is. i have been warned about it. bill: another shootout between me your humble correspondent and atheism. who won this debate? you will find out. bill: dumbest things of the week, we will give you a hint.
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cnn and "saturday night live" involved if you would not mind pour blood all over it please. >> no trouble at all. bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the fact for begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. president obama wins the nobel peace prize and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. if you listened to talk radio today, some are agitated the president is being honored by the nobel committee. >> i don't believe this. he is not only the first post racial president, he is also the nation's post accomplishment president. he has risen above accomplishment. he is now judged on wishful thinking. bill: critics rightfully point out the president hasn't done anything concrete to bring peace
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to the world. they say it was mostly his prepresidential rhetoric that brought him the award. he bridged the divide between muslims in the west and other things. certainly that's a legitimate point. is it enough for the award? you make the call. now, on the other side, mr. obama is a predator drone kind of guy. his administration is blowing the hell out of terrorists in pakistan out of the sky. justified but not exactly peaceful. the president is waging war in afghanistan and iraq. again, justified but brutal. so on paper the peace prize looks to be a political prize. that's what the time of london editorialized today. quote.
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talking points does not share the dissent. understands it, doesn't share it because having a u.s. president honored with a peace prizes good for the country. it's as simple as that we should want the world to think we are a nation that gives peace a chance because that's what we are. in the past, teddy roosevelt, woodrow wilson, jimmy carter won the nobel peace prize. carter after he lost office. yasser arafat also won the nobel peace prize and also martin luther king and mother theresa. president obama was honored today and deserved or not, the world is hearing america and peace in the same sentence. that's good. and that's the memo. now, for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us now from washington, the anchor of "fox news sunday" chris wallace. so, your reaction to this nobel deal? >> well, i think, frankly, that your talking points are right on tonight, bill. you know, first of all, as an
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american we have got to be proud, we should be proud that an american president has won the nobel peace prize and that he is has been identified by at least some people around the world in as leading us in the direction of peace. i thought that president obama struck exactly the right note in his statement today. first of all, to make a little bit of a joke about it, talking about the fact that his kids came into the bedroom and said hey, dad, you won the nobel peace prize and today is our dog's birthday and to say, quite frankly, i don't belong in the country of the transformative figures who have won this award like nelson mandela, for instance. but to say i'm going to accept it as a call to action that we will accept the challenges of the 21st century. essentially that is a promise. it hasn't been accomplished yet. as an american, all you can do is hope that he will achieve it. and. bill: he gets 1 340eu7b million. that comes along with the prize. he will donate it to charity. i think that's nice.
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it's nice for the country. i i agree with you, there is no reason to be upset about it. this is really the interesting deal. the nobel committee, they are dopes. they are just dopes. president obama doesn't deserve the nobel peace prize. i have no animus towards president obama and i'm happy the country is celebrating. i'm celebrating just as you are. he doesn't deserve the no bell peace prize. he hadn't done anything. somebody writes a speech, he reads it and he gets the peace prize. i'm going to get the peace prize next year. bernie goldberg is going to get it. he is going to talk about this either -- monday. but they are dopes. this is the end of the nobel peace prize committee. everybody knows it's a charade. am i wrong? look, you have to know who this committee is. they are elected by the norwegian parliament.
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left of center and left-leaning organization. the people on this committee are left-leaning which is why you and bernie goldberg are never going to get the nobel peace prize. the fact is i think the primary reason that barack obama got this award because he is not george w. bush and because he has repudiated bush's policies. bill: he hasn't really repudiated them, chris. rendition is still in play. guantanamo is still open. iraq is still a major theater in the war. he hasn't riew paleudis united stated them. he gave lip service to it. is he dropping drones down people's nostrils. >> here is where i disagree with you. he certainly has repudiated enhanced interrogation. he certainly has repudiated guantanamo. bill: wait, wait, wait, wait. chris. he has repudiated enhanced interrogation and still sending prisoners to egypt? come on, this is a joke. rendition is still in play. we picked up some guy and it goes -- he goes over and he
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gets -- you think waterboarding was bad, you don't know what they are doing to these guys. it's all a big charade, chris. look, the nobel peace prize committee has now said to the world we are a joke. we don't know what we are doing. we are in business to promote liberal politics, and that's what it is. that's what they say. >> that's right. but they didn't like george w. bush in 2002 they named jimmy carter. they said i hope that's a kick in the leg to president bush after bush's pregnant -- presidency. they named jimmy carter in 2007 they named al gore. they are saying we like this guy's policy. bill: this so ever the top. oat least carter and gore, whether you liked them or not were in the game. gore is the big global warming guy and made hundreds of millions of dollars off that. not to say he is not sincere he has certainly capitalized on it.
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and then carter, he races around and he does stuff. habit for humanity is successful. but obama not done anything. i want to lighten things up here. michelle obama is pretty much out of the picture but she did appear on sesame street. she interacted with the characters there. it was all nice and fun and no downside. so, conan o'brien picks up on that and does this. roll the tape. >> well, look who is here to push your husband's socialist health care agenda. >> hello big bird. >> or maybe you are finally here to show us your husband's united states birth certificate. >> no, big bird, i'm not. >> that's because you can't. are you absolutely sure he wasn't born in kenya? >> i'm sure, big bird. >> that's not what the basket bunch says. >> yeah, your husband is a stinken liar. >> we're going to run him out of office. [cheers] ♪ bill: so that's conan o'brien.
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now, my question to you is is that over the top? is that legitimate? that's the first time i have seen him made fun of? >> don't be so touchy feelly, bill. bill: me? i'm just asking, chris. >> look, that's the job of these guys to be funny. i'm glad they are finally poking fun of barack obama and michelle obama to where they did at george w. bush and sarah palin. i know you are going to have this on later in the show because i was listening to the top of your show. i mean, the i had i had idiocy of cnn doing a fact check. they should make fun of the people in power. afflict the comfortable. and, you know, they are in that business and conan o'brien was doing what he should be doing. bill: but it's shocking. >> whether he is a republican or democrat. bill: it's shocking. you so very rarely do that i think this is the first time
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michelle obama has been sat tier rised anywhere. have you ever heard of her being satire rised? >> i suppose the new york magazine after what they did on the cover of the so-called fist bump. look, i hope that we're going to settle down. although i don't know that the nobel peace prizes going to do it. but i hope we are going to settle down and treat this president and this first lady as regular politicians and regular public figures and not as something heaven-sent. that's good and healthy for the country. bill: who are you going to have on "fox news sunday"? >> governors of michigan where unemployment is 15%. steve wem, the king of las vegas and also got liz cheney and i can't wait to hear what she has so say about the nobel peace prize. bill: marc lamont hill may prize surprise you on his take on the nobel peace prize.
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bill: continuing now with our lead story. president obama receives the nobel peace prize dr. marc lamont hill. ok, your take on this is? >> i'm stunned when i wake up this morning and find out that barack obama wins the nobel peace prize. i'm sort of a traditionalist when it comes to these sort of things. i assume that someone who wins the nobel peace prize would, i don't know, bring about peace. yet, somehow, after prosecuting war in iraq, afghanistan, we have unsafe people in palestine and in israel. we have people discipling on the streets in chicago here in the united states. he wins a peace prize. it's mind-boggling to me. i'm shocked and disappointed.
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bill: bill why would you disappointed though? in the talking points i made the point that it's good for america and good for the country. >> it's not good for america, first of all it on secures a whole lot of stuff going on around the globe. if we can prosecute two wars and still be seen as agents of peace. that's troublesome to me. if we can see nuclear proliferation in iran and north korea and see weapons smuggled to terrorist networks and still be seen as a nation of peace that covers up the work that needs to be done here it also shows that the nobel board is really all about politics. the last people who have gotten it are democrats lashed out at bush. this is more of an anti-bush award than pro-obama award. don't get me wrong. bill: be that as it may. i'm not buying your analysis about afghanistan and iraq because the action in afghanistan actually helped promote world peace. our presence in that country deprives al qaeda the most dangerous instrument in the world today for violence. deprives them of a place where
6:15 am
they can hatch terror plots. so, we, by being in afghanistan. >> that's not the nobel board's argument. bill: i'm attacking your argument. i have already called them dopes. i'm now mocking you in afghanistan, if we weren't there the world would be more violent. >> that's not peace, bill. bill: sometimes the only way to get peace is to beat the bad guys who are causing the war ie the germans and the japanese in world war ii. >> then, wait until the end of the war. don't do it -- we where to send 40,000 more troops tomorrow, hopefully. if that is the case, let's wait until the region is peaceful and give him the award. bill: that's right. your theory we are not instruments of peace because we wage just wars i don't think is valid. so you and o'reilly are on the
6:16 am
nobel peace prize committee which would of course clear out oslo very, very quickly, restaurants would have plenty of tables, who do you give the nobel peace prize to? >> oh, my god. if anything i would be more interested in giving it to someone -- if we are going to give it to an american, give it to somebody doing something with environmental justice. carter doing justice work right now. internationally and look at people who are waging antiwar efforts instead of prosecuting wars. even if you believe war is the pathway to peace which i think is absurd and bizarre, then you have to wait until the end of the war to make that happen not now. bill: i would have again it to general david petraeus who stopped the killing and the carnage in iraq pretty much single-handedly, probably not this year. it would have been last year. this is my theory a guy like petraeus, because of what he did, all right? brought outline all the level of violence down in iraq and now that country at least has a
6:17 am
chance to be free. he did something extraordinary and he deserves the peace prize. why would i be wrong on that? >> i will say this, i don't agree with you because i disagree with the premise of the war in iraq. i think to give petraeus an award for engaging notice a surge which actually works almost supports the idea of war. that's troublesome to me. i will agree with you to this extent. petraeus is a much better candidate than obama. i think obama would agree with you on that. i think he was the worst possible candidate. bill: obama was taken aback. he didn't know anything about this. you say that the reason the president got the nobel peace prizes because the norwegians hate bush so much they just wanted to rub it in his face and give it to his predecessor? that's what your analysis? >> that's one piece of it. the other piece is they wanted to continue to play active role in politics right now. obama has been on the fence for the last three weeks trying to figure out what he is going to do in afghanistan. some want to see him pull troops out. some put some in. when you see an awards board
6:18 am
weighing in on obama's presidency already by saying is he an agent of peace. it makes it harder to send 40,000 troops tomorrow. bill: it doesn't make it harder. >> in terms of public perception, is it t. does. celebrate him as a global agent of peace. bill: what does obama care? he doesn't care. he has got the award. he has got the money. he made the speech. it's all good. what does he care next tuesday somebody in oslo said oh, maybe we shouldn't have given it to him. well, you pinheads, you gave it to him for no good reason at all so you take what comes. >> i don't think that the obama administration cares about the norwegian board per se. they are very much preoccupied with public perception. if anything, the obama administration more than any other administration in recent memory has read his own press very interested in public image. bill: they have to send 40,000 troops that's what most americans want them to do. >> most americans are against this war.
6:19 am
bill: no. >> absolutely they are. bill: 43%, 43%. when asked if they are doing enough to win the war 50% say. no he is going to get hammered if he doesn't send them. i will give you the last word. >> whether you have a nobel peace prize that celebrates him as an agent of peace and only stokes public fervor against the war and makes it much more difficult for him to win the war. i'm not pro war, if you are trying to win a war as obama says it is, it makes it harder. you will see him make bad decisions in the coming weeks. bill: all kinds of rumors against afghanistan, one thing is certainly true, the president is taking his time deciding on troop deployment. geraldo has some thoughts. then laura ingraham actually has some nice things to say about the aclu. no. can that be possible? miss laura coming up.
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bill: fox news anchor geraldo rivera has been to afghanistan six times. i want to see what he thinks about president obama's deliberations about sending troops there he joins us now. you are an interesting guy. you are a liberal social guy. kind of a liberal guy. but then when it comes to military matters, you and ollie north are like, you know, right on the same page. so i assume you want the 40,000 troops to afghanistan. >> well, i can tell you a very quick story. i was there. you mentioned this six times. one time particularly stands out in my mind. in 2004 i was with the first battalion six marines. part of the 22nd marine expeditionary force. the battalion was headed by that lt. general, a guy who spoke -- they were kicking the taliban's butt, bill. this is a province north of kandahar. the home of one of the taliban's top guys. they had them absolutely on the run. they were pinned against the
6:23 am
wall. violence wags way down and what happened? they got the notice when i was in country that they were going to stop in place. they were being redeployed to bolster the flagging effort in iraq. fallujah was besieged. the entire iraq situation was in play. they pulled those marines out. what happened to afghanistan as a result of iraq was that we have starved our effort in afghanistan and, as a result, our enemy has come up off the mats, regained the momentum and now they have the crucial momentum and now our situation is much more difficult. bill: all right, so based upon what you saw in canned ha ada harr. >> with -- kandahar. >> with my own eyes. bill: nato you will not get a lot of help from but there are some. you believe they can reimpose the victory. >> 101st airborne. u.s. cavalry. u.s. marines use our front line
6:24 am
units. when you there were and general mcneil was in charge, with all due respect to the brave souls we had there, they were a pick-up team. all of our best troops were in iraq. the people we had in afghanistan, many of home were were -- whom were confined to the ball gram air base they couldn't match the enemy in terms of fire power. bomber from the air with jets dropping bombs. you can't do it that way. you have to do in afghanistan something like we did in iraq with those same troops. bill: you want the 40,000 in, the front line guys being put back in the theater. >> i absolutely do. mcchrystal recommended it and i believe the generals are right. i deplore or maybe that's too strong a word. i don't like the way that his requests were leaked in almost a political partisan way to make obama look bad. and i attribute that to the fact that general petraeus was diagnosed with prostate cancer. he was off the playing field for a while i think it was in that
6:25 am
muddled situation. bill: we are getting word the military doesn't like obama. i don't know if that's true. >> put that aside for a second. i think mcchrystal is a tough-fighting guy. bill: if the military doesn't like obama, then there is going to be leaks all over the place. >> i don't buy that i think these professional soldiers want to win. they want american to prevail. bill: so your opinion and my opinion pretty much the same. put them in, let them fight. at least for a while and see what happens. >> with obama you have to have the taliban and the government. you can't not have some sass penalty. bill: if you want to pick off some taliban, that's fine. >> the afghan people want them represented in the government. bill: fine, do what you did with the sunnis,. >> conservative, very rigid society. we can't make afghanistan into los angeles. bill: that's fine if you want a few taliban in there obama now is looking weak to the world because he can't make a decision on this. is he not? >> like i said, i believe the reason he didn't pull the triggers to use an unfortunate metaphor is because the chain of
6:26 am
command was temporarily disrupted by david petraeus. bill: he didn't want to seem like he was being pushed around? >> that is what my -- i think there was a lot of innocent rather than men november me november lent. we will honor mcchrystal's q i don't think the oslo peace award is worth a hill of beans. bill: what did you think. >> i was elated. stunned and happy and proud that my president won. bill: what does he do when he is elated. >> same thing as when i sonia sotomayor was nominated. i leapt out of my seat. he is being extremely disrespectful. president obama, and i thought your talking points were right on. but i think that you give short trip to the president of the united states and the significance of this man who has some roots in the muslim community going to cairo, saying to one billion people.
6:27 am
bill: stop it. easiest play in the world. easiest play in the world. >> did you read the arab press? this is a wonderful. bill: look. sthad. >> i'm a street fighter. those guys are street fighters. you don't disarm a street fighter by slapping them around. bill: you and i don't disagree. i don't have any problem with what he did. i don't like the back slapping of america. he always throws that in. i think he can take that out. trying to engage the muslim world? that's smart. but, geraldo, it's easy to do it. >> engaging iran and bilateral talks and getting iran to open secret bases? bill: when is that going to happen? >> it's happening eminently. bill: are you going? i will go with you. >> i believe this will happen as promised. bill: you believe iranians will open it up. >> they have said as much. bill: you believe them? >> i think that in this case we have been nothing by ignoring them. bill: we don't have to ignore
6:28 am
them. geraldo rivera has just morphed into little bo peep. he believes the iranians. >> you have morphed into mr. os strategist ostridge. >> you can't believe that mr. ahmadinejad has no cards to play here. bill: trust but verify. >> i agree. wonderful. that wise man and i agree. i'm proud to be on his show. bill: little bo peep. >> ostridge. bill: laura incorporate grams saying nice things about the aclu. i can't believe that she also didn't like my talking points memo. we hope you stay tuned to those? these are hot. we're shipping 'em everywhere. but we can't predict our shipping costs. dallas. detroit. different rates. well with us, it's the same flat rate. same flat rate. boston. boise? same flat rate.
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bill: personal story segment tonight, richard dawkins is a committed atheist. his book should be taught to every child and faith based intelligent design are whoy. called the greatest show on earth. i spoke to mr. dawkins a few days ago. bill: now, when we last left you, mr. dawkins, you were selling your book the god delusion. those of us who believe are kind of sappy. now, i want to show the audience the key part of that interview and then we will get to your new book. roll the tape. i'm throwing in with jesus
6:32 am
rather than thrown in with you guys because you guys can't tell me how it all got here. you guys don't. >> we are working on it physicists. bill: when you get it, maybe i will listen. >> if you look at the history of science over the centuryies, the amount that's gained in knowledge each century is stupendous, in the beginning of the 21st century we don't know everything. bill: when you figure it out, you come back here and tell me because until that time i'm sticking with judeo-christian philosophy. bill: tell me where i'm going wrong here. i believe in creative design. i believe in evolution but i think it was overseen by a higher power because as we just stated and you acknowledge you guys still haven't figured out how it all began. >> there is a great deal that science hasn't worked out and we don't know how it all began. it's the most extraordinary piece of warped logic because science can't you are going to throw in jesus. there is no evidence he did it either. never get any evidence with either of them. throw in science which is
6:33 am
bill: here is the problem i have. science doesn't advance the moralistic and jesus did. if everybody followed the teachings of jesus christ that we would have peace on earth, love your brother, everybody would love one another and we would almost be an idealic civilization. am i 100% sure that jesus is god? no. i choose to believe that because the man was so extraordinary in what he did in his 33 years on earth, still resonates to this day. that, i think, is more powerful than your belief that, hey, some day we might figure it all out but, in the meantime, we're not going to believe in any deity. >> why would you muddle up the question of giving you a moral compass for life which is important with the other question which is explaining the nature of the world, the nature of life, the nature of the universe, that's what science is about. bill: ok. i understand that but i don't think that my belief system
6:34 am
contradicts science. i believe there is a higher power and in my life i can point to it i see it. but, what disturbs me about you guys, and i'm putting you into this category, perhaps unjustly. is that you seem to look down on believers. >> there is a problem when you guys, if i could turn it back on you, try to say that because you believe what you do, because of a holy book and because of the way you have been brought up, therefore, that entitles to you go into science classes and tell teachers what they can and cannot teach. you may think that god oversaw evolution and that's a point of view that you could probably defend, but leave it out of the science class. bill: it's not fair to leave it out of the science class if the science class is incomplete. and you, by your own admission say we don't know how it all began. so if the science class is going to say evolution only but i really don't know how it started, that gap has got to be explored. >> you must see that it's quite remarkable peace of ill logic to
6:35 am
say that because science cannot fill a particular gap, therefore we have to turn to christianity. bill: you don't have to turn anywhere. you have to present it. you don't have to turn to it you present it? >> will you listen to me and stop shouting at me. bill: well, turn your ear piece down. i'm not shouting, that's the way i usually talk. >> i know it is. i have been warned about it. [ laughter ] >> just because science has a gap in its knowledge, that does not entitle to you turn to any other particular alternative. pick on a better science. bill: no. that's fascism. for you to say that you can't mention. >> fascism? bill: yeah, for you to say you can't say in a public school classroom talk about brilliant men, smarter than you, who do believe in a higher power, who do believe there was an oversear of the universe, you insist you can't even mention it, that is fascism, sir. >> what you call fascism was my statement that if science can't answer something, you should therefore turn christianity. bill: not turn. discuss. >> if a particular scientific
6:36 am
theory doesn't work, do some better science. bill: no. you present in the science classroom all the alternatives that are legitimate. adam and eve, you don't have to do that all right. that's for the biblical portion of a theology class. but, as i said, there are more believers than nonbelievers. and that should be presented. i will give you the last word. >> science is unique in that it does base itself upon evidence rather than upon superstition and upon authority, upon holy books or upon revelation. bill: all right, the book is the greatest show on earth. mr. dawkins, i'm sorry i was a little loud. you know how irish guys can get. we appreciate you coming on. [ laughter ] bill: when we come right back, laura ingraham on the aclu. is she complicating them? can that possibly be true? laura ingraham talks on the nobel peace prize and doesn't like my talking points memo. dumbest things of the
6:37 am
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6:39 am
bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the week in review from the ingraham angle segment tonight. miss laura is saying good things about the aclu which is sticking up for a pro life kid, i guess. first you want to respond to my brilliant talking points memo on president obama and the peace prize. >> i want to know who kidnapped talking points, bill. i want him returned, ok? bill: i want to point out chris wallace agreed with me. >> yeah. bill: marc lamont hill agreed with me. >> enough said, it's over. i'm leaving, i can't. bill: ok. >> bill, bill, here is what i think the state story is about the nobel committee. five members of the committee voted for this award. what we know about international elites is they think america has gotten too powerful, throwing her weight around too often and people here are too rich.
6:40 am
the fact is they awarded president obama the nobel peace prize because he thinks they --they -- -- because they thine represents their best hope. it has nothing to do with national security and making american lives better. it has everything to do with their view of america. they think that president obama kind of floats above america. he is their best chance the a an internationalist. bill: i thought i was going to have to whack you around. i don't disagree with you. you are absolutely right in your analysis of what the nobel committee wanted to accomplish with the award. i think that's brilliant what you just said is perfect. >> bill, how is this good for america? america is weaker than she was 11 months ago. bill: maybe that's true. >> less influence, less power. less of a force in the world. bill: that's our fault because we elected barack obama. >> well, that's fine. bill: but here is why it is good for america. >> but america is historically a
6:41 am
strong militarily and economically and that has helped achieve the peace for not only our people, bill. bill: i'm not going to disagree with you. that's exactly true. >> but the rest of the world. bill billing what you said about the united states declining in power your opinion but i can't really argue against it is our fault. it has nothing to do with the norwegians. here is why it is good for the americans to get the nobel peace prize. all right? now obama gets it but it's really we get it there are a lot of people around the world, they don't know the nobel guys and they don't know anything. they just float. floating around the world. think that we are warmongerers, who think we are fascist, terrible people. >> do you think they care about this prize? how does talking points say this? bill: you are hearing peace and america. peace and america. this can turn around some perceptions. >> america achieves the peace through strength. this is not a position of strength for him right now. bill: it's a propaganda deal not
6:42 am
a policy deal. it's propaganda, not policy. the more people. >> bill, propaganda, might make him personally popular with the international elites at the eu. if that's the case, he should one-i run for the president of the eu. he would be good at representing european interest. what this american who cares about america's economic security and strength represented here in our country and which helps us influence the rest of the world. the china is on the march, china and the taliban and al qaeda son the march. where is the peace? bill: doesn't have anything to do with a symbol. the more people who think america is a peace-loving nation the better. >> they think he is like. it doesn't change the perception. it has nothing to do with the way america is viewed around the world. bill: america is viewed around the world more fair favorably now than it was a year ago. >> to what end? does that help us here in
6:43 am
america? bill: does it help us? no, no. does it hurt us? >> ok, case closed. no it's a neutral. >> i rest my case. america is weaker. that hurts us, it makes us weaker and that hurts us. bill: the more cooperation obama can get and he hasn't gotten it so far. he has three more years. >> you are making my point for me. bill: look, i'm not arguing with you with you on policy, i'm argue weatherbug on perception. it's better for people to like america. >> to what end? bill: because they may cooperate with us. >> if you are popular but have no influence to what end is this popularity contest helping the average americans? the people he is supposed to be representing as president of the united states. bill: the nobel peace prize doesn't hurt any american. it doesn't further one of us. it is a simple symbol -- symbol. it has no meaning and no influence at all. they made total fools of
6:44 am
themselves, end of story. case close. bill: if you listened to the top of the program i said they made fools of themselves. >> i liked that line in the talking point. bill: they can't be taken seriously anymore. >> ok. bill: let's get to this aclu thing. there is a kid that wore a t-shirt with a pro-life message. you pick it um. >> abortion is not health care reform. that was the gist of what was on the t-shirt. the school didn't like that. tried to get the kid to turn it inside out. lo and behold the aclu stood on principle. meaning the principle of tolerance for political viewpoints and actually is helping and supporting the cause against this school. and a lawsuit is being filed and i wish we saw more of this from the aclu. i was pleasantly surprised because, look, on college campuses, bill, as you know a lot of students don't feel like they have the freedom to speak out because of campus speech codes. i think the left is really making a push against free speech in many ways whether it's this diversity czar, the fc. >> c or incidents like this.
6:45 am
bill: they are not demonized by people like me? let's just do. this maybe. i'm trying to be charitable this friday. bill: you were really charitable towards me, laura. i can just feel the love. >> come on. i'm in the left coast, i have got to represent here. bill: i have got to run. >> ok, anyway. aclu thumbs up on this. do more of it. bill: laura ingraham, everyone. dumbest things of the week. right back with it.
6:46 am
6:47 am
bill: back of the book segment tent. dumbest things of the week. plenty of things to choose from. host of red eye at 3:00 a.m. greg gutfeld. that's why he looks that way. fox news correspondent juliet
6:48 am
huddy. >> that's why she looks that way. bill: you are looking good. >> you are into pink i can see. bill: huddy makes an appearance on charlie rose. i didn't know he was still on the air. is he still around? >> bill. bill: nancy pelosi showed up. >> let me say this about general mcchrystal, with all due respect. his recommendations to the president should go up the line of command. they shouldn't be in the press conferences. >> that's what jim jones said yesterday. >> i share that again, say that with all due respect. that what the national security advisor. >> so should not have said what he said? just simply told bob gates. >> i haven't heard what he said. bill: so why is that the dumbest thing in the world. >> surprise me because general mcchrystal was put in by the obama administration. is he there on the ground. sees what's happening. he says we need troops. whether we do or don't, he couldn't get a sit down with him. with the president. when he finally did it was 25 minutes. couldn't even rate a half hour.
6:49 am
you know, this is a man who is asking for something and he should be able to meet with the president. bill: that's a good point. because to talk to him one time in 70 days as the president admitted. >> and flying off to copenhagen. bill: do you think that was a dumb thing. >> that segment itself bristled with excitement. bill: rose always looks like he is on the verge of a knap. >> i don't know. while these soldiers are fighting. the democrats are bickering. and they have got to get off their butts. this is unacceptable. >> human piñata. bill: i have got to set this up. "saturday night live" does this thing mocking barack obama who hasn't really done much. and then cnn says well, let's fact check it or some crazy thing. roll the tape. >> i said i would make improvements in the war in afghanistan. is it better? no, i think it's actually worse.
6:50 am
[ laughter ] >> but is there any truth to this? >> they got some things wrong. >> bill adair, editor of, a nonpartisan fact checking web site that rates the statements of elected officials says snl missed the mark on some of its claims. for instance, afghanistan. >> i think snl tended to kind of gloss over what is a fair amount of progress by this administration about sending two additional brigades to afghanistan. we rate that as a promise kept. bill: so what we are learning is that cnn is analyzing "saturday night live." >> i don't think they have gone far enough. they have got to go back and look at the cone heads. were they real? bill: no, they have to analyze next sponge bob. we have got to go into that realm. >> sesame street. bill: gutfeld, i have to congratulate you that is the dumbest thing of the week. >> they never annualized when republicans were pairedied but
6:51 am
somehow when barack obama is parodied, they are shocked. incredulous. amazing to me. bill: what show was this on? situation room with wolf blitzer. they took this seriously. >> it's actually funnier than the "saturday night live" tape. bill: funny. and i don't believe that guy was a real guy. i think they -- all right. now, my dumbest thing of the week, have you never seen. in fact, i hadn't seen it nobody had seen it. until we discovered it on youtube. san francisco, city of tolerance tolerance? san francisco values. everybody is mellow. serve stoned. medical marijuana all over the place. ok. here is our bus? we are on a bus. two ladies on the bus. roll the tape.
6:52 am
[shouting] >> stop it, stop it >> somebody grab her. >> stop it. stop it. bill: can i get my fare refunded refunded? >> wow. >> who knew women could fight? bill: this is not the bronx. >> the guy shot the whole time. whoever was holding that -- bill: interrupted over a seat, kind of a seat thing. somebody wanted somebody to move over. they didn't want to move over. the lady got a little. >> couldn't yoko ono have stopped this? >> who fights on a bus? it's the hardest. bill: why would you do this? >> you can't throw a punch on a bus. >> why do you do this? >> oh, man. >> she is tough that woman can throw a punch. >> i would not mess with any of these women. bill: are you talking about the can you think if you lady?
6:53 am
>> -- kung fu lady? >> this woman knows a special art. i would not mess with anybody on that bus. bill: but you know, here is the deal. it's san francisco. >> doesn't matter, man. there is ananimosity everywhere, bill. have you got to know this. >> i got in a fight on a cable car. bill: here is the bottom line. this is the second dumbest. do you know what caused that, ladies and gentlemen? global warming. greg, juliet? pinheads and patriots starring mouse and body builder. you have to see. this right back. hi, may i help you? we're shopping for car insurance, and our friends said we should start here. good friends -- we compare our progressive direct rates, apples to apples, against other top companies, to help you get the best price. how do you do that? with a touch of this button. can i try that? [ chuckles ] wow! good luck getting your remote back. it's all right -- i love this channel. shopping less and saving more. now, that's progressive.
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gloria estefan heard that 17,000 government worker in puerto rico lost their job . she is giving them free ticket to a concert this weekend. it is a noble gesture. >> and at a with us on this one. a practical joker president a fake mouse in the wait room and this is how it was received by a body builder. (laughing) >> who is the pin head. the joker or the weight lifter or the fake mouse.
6:57 am
you make the call x. we have two great promotions this columbus day weekend. buy the matte. that is a tremendous mat. get a copy of bull fresh and we'll give it to you. and i really enjoyed the between you and karl rove . i learn from you guys than my college classes . >> glen beck is wrong. the swine flu is a dangerous strain . don't wait, vaccinate. >> jimmy stewart in washington. well riley wondering if you can come to my 18th birthday party. it is far away. you have to be careful inviting beck. the guy eats like crazy. >> only stupid decision by the hey, hey show is having a
6:58 am
american judge. 80 percent of the viewers were not offended by the black race skit. >> i did not hear much condemnation except on fox news. i like jay leno, but simply will not watch nbc. that's a question in our brand new poll. will jay leno succeed in prime time. yes or no. jay doesn't stand a chance. he is up against greta. excellent point. and i looked at puzzle wit and it is a fancy name for a tupid person. i will bring it back. kathy wagner in florida. every since my poi friend got the no spin matte. my cat will not get off.
6:59 am
just kidding. bill, i am a chaplain in a large nursing home. we are having a blast with the book. that makes me happy and thank you. >> in tampa florida. i am a liberal. i found it hilarous. >> are you laughing with me? go to the www. riley wabe site. on the thoughts on the nobel peace prize given to the president. o'reilly at fox new . in the town of opine. and word of the day would be spuruous writing to the factor. check it out. we'll see you all of our premium members on the factor post game show. we'll open it up to everybody this weekend. go to bill


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